Nirit Hinkis is the Research and Program Coordinator for CMED, serving as managing editor of The Middle Easterner.


Warren Fahmy is a research assistant and rapporteur for CMED. He holds a Masters in Islamic Studies from UCLA and received his BA from UCLA in 2006. In addition to this, Warren works as an international student counselor for the Dashew Center at UCLA. 

Sammar Smesme is CMED's Center Assistant. She is a recent graduate of UCLA, earning a B.A. in International Development with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa, and a minor in Anthropology.

Guest Contributors

Jala Alarja is an intern at the Center for Middle East Development (CMED). She is a UCLA student double-majoring in Political Science and Arabic with a focus on International relations in the Middle East and North Africa.

Shaheen Moore is an intern at CMED. He is in his third year at UCLA, studying International Development Studies. He served in the Marine Corps infantry for four years with deployments to Afghanistan and East Asia. During this time he developed an interest in the Middle East. He is currently learning to speak Farsi and Italian.

Sophie Arbaugh is an undergraduate research assistant at CMED. She is a recent graduate of UCLA. 

Ryan Dunbar is an undergraduate research assistant at CMED. He is a fourth year student at UCLA double-majoring in History and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.

(Photo credit: Ross Day )